Hygienic Wall Cladding Sheets:

2.5mm pvc wall cladding sheet is a flat solid coloured, non-transparent sheet. It is a cost effective and versatile hygienic wall covering for a variety of environments.

Our range of hygienic wall cladding sheet stock is shown below.

Hygienic Wall Cladding White        


Product Information:

It is not to be confused with standard pvc sheets.

PVC wall cladding as excellent fire and chemical resistance. It also benefits from excellent electrical and thermal insulation and is non toxic.

Hard wearing easy to clean and resistant to most chemicals.

Ideal for walls and surfaces in offices, laboratories, hospitals where normal levels of traffic and abuse is expected.

The material can be drilled, punched and sawn.

This material can be used for:

  • Wall cladding in offices and hospitals.
  • Chemical processing facilities.
  • Laboratory environments.
  • Hygienic wall coverings.
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